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DNM 3D Preamplifier - UK Retail Prices

All prices are in pounds sterling.
Prices are valid from 10th July 2017.

For UK customers wanting to upgrade to a 3D, DNM will offer a really great price for your current preamplifier - please see the UK 3D Exchange Price List for full details.

Preamplifier Prices

These prices are for the 3D fitted with line output amplifier boards, a headphone amp and three line-level inputs. In this form it will work with CD player, Radio and Tape sources.
NB : the new 2017 3D prices below now include the new Volume Control board which brings an improvement in sound quality and new flexibility in setting volume levels. This board also adds a new mono capability that improves sound quality with many recordings.
This Volume Control board upgrade also available for existing 3D, 3C and 3B preamplifiers, see below.

Amended July 2019 : Power supply motherboard updates have increased the 3D Six preamplifier price to £9000.

Full facilities to accept up to two pairs of moving coil/ moving magnet RIAA boards (for use with turntables) are built into the 3D,
but these amplifier boards are extra cost options.

Two Extra Inputs (line-level) are also available as optional extras as shown in the Next >> section below.

Preamplifier Model £ Price £ Price
3D Six 9000.00 10800.00
3D Twin 6500.00 7800.00

Optional items for 3D Preamplifiers

NB : To be able to use the 3D pre-amplifier with a turntable at least one stereo pair of RIAA boards will be required.

Option £ Price £ Price
One stereo pair of RIAA boards - moving coil or moving magnet (for any 3D) 1800.00 2160.00
Extra Input Board (two extra stereo line inputs) 136.66 164.00
Optional ultra-low noise transformer (EI type, for Twin and Six only) 504.00 605.00
New Volume Control board for 3D
(included with all 3D preamplifiers built after 10th July 2017)
800.00 960.00

Optional upgrade for 3C and 3B Preamplifiers
Option £ Price £ Price
New Volume Control board for 3B and 3C, slightly simplified version 600.00 720.00

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